With more than 35 years of experience, CINTROPUR® has based its reputation on quality products in the water filtration business.

The brand name CINTROPUR® refers to a wide range of centrifugal filters for clean water (fittings from ¾’’ to 3’’. Flow rates from 1 to 50 m3/h).

The aim is to remove all the solid particles suspended in the water (earth, sand, rust, etc.).
A second range of products offers water treatment solutions with activated carbon or polyphosphates, silicates and silicon-polyphosphates.

CINTROPUR® offers a double-stage of filtration concept. First, the water flow from the inlet is directly transformed into a centrifugal spin forcing the larger particles down into the lower bowl. The next stage of filtration is achieved by the exclusive filter sleeve, available in different finenesses ranging from 5 up to 300µ.

You will be impressed by the high flow rates and low pressure drops provided by the unique CINTROPUR® concept.
Considering ecological and economical aspects, there is only a filter sleeve that needs to be replaced every 6 months.
Made from a first-class quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR stands out by its robustness and reliability.

Main advantages:
  • centrifugal effect created by spinning
  • low pressure drop
  • constantly high flow rate
  • wide range of finenesses for the sleeves
  • disposable or washable filter sleeve
  • ecological and economical filtration methos
  • professional concept

Always anticipating the future by improving its products and technologies, AIRWATEC has completed its product ranges with activated carbon filtration, water purification as well as ultraviolet sterilization. Some other projects are still in progress and some patents are being registered.

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