Rainwater and well water : precious natural sources made consumable thanks to Cintropur

Water, source of life and an essential element of our survival, is found in different ways in nature.

Rainwater, which is natural and free, and well water, which is often abundant and local, are attracting a growing amount of interest from those wishing to opt for a more ecological and sustainable approach to their water supply.

However, the consumption of such water requires particular attention when it comes to quality and potability.

Wells : water resources to be used with care.

Wells are fundamental water sources, but their quality varies depending, for example, on geographical location and environmental conditions.

It is very important to understand that this water cannot automatically be considered potable. Some wells may be contaminated with pathogens and dangerous chemicals.

It is therefore essential to carry out a thorough laboratory analysis of this water. This will determine whether it complies with the potability water criteria and standards in force.

Every water source is unique, so it’s essential to work on a case-by-case basis.

For the interpretation of this water analysis, Airwatec is here to help ! We are a Belgian company, founder of the brand Cintropur, and specialized in water treatment solutions.

Thanks to our range of water filtration products, we have the solution you need to enjoy high-quality water from now on !

However, we strongly recommend that you perform this laboratory analysis regularly.

In fact, water that complies with standards at a given moment may later become non-compliant if changes occur.

Rainwater : a precious gift from nature.

Rainwater is a free resource, falling generously from the sky depending on the climate.

Collecting it offers many economic and environmental advantages.

It can easily be used for external household purposes (watering and gardening), floor cleaning and for flushing the toilets.

However, when it comes to using it for other purposes, it is essential to ensure its quality. Airwatec has made this its speciality.

Unlike wells, rainwater rarely needs a laboratory analysis.

In general, it is less subject to chemical contaminants. Nevertheless, it can be exposed to pollution from the roof, gutters or during its stay in the cistern.

That’s where 3 essential steps come into play. Filtering, treating and sterilizing this water will enable you to use it for many sanitary applications in the house (washing machines, dishwashers, baths, showers and washbasins)! We do not recommend using this water for cooking or as a hot or cold drink.)

Keeping your rainwater tank clean remains an important parameter. It will condition the quality of the stored water and the entire subsequent filtration and treatment process.

Cintropur’s TRIO-UV : the perfect combination for consumable water.

Cintropur offers a complete range of water filters and accessories, including the TRIO-UV, providing a triple treatment in a single device !

It begins with a filter screen that retains suspended particles, followed by activated carbon to remove odours, pesticides and herbicides, and to clarify the water. The final stage is a UVc sterilizer to eliminate undesirable micro-organisms present in the water.

After treatment with the TRIO-UV, this water will be considerably better quality for many sanitary applications in the home.

To conclude : let’s enjoy nature with care.

Rainwater and well water are precious natural resources that can be exploited with full knowledge of the facts, thanks to our water treatment solutions.

But it’s crucial to remember that every situation is unique, and that clear and transparent water is not necessarily consumable or potable.

Airwatec, along with its network of dealers, is always available to support and inform customers who want to understand and control their water quality. Feel free to contact us !

Don’t forget that every drop of water counts, so let’s make it a precious commodity for our health, our planet and our wallet !

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