Group 5
TRIO UV 3/4″ + 1″ (25W)
Article-Nr.: FWUVTRIO

3-function sterilizer: 25 µm filter, activated carbon treatment and sterilization with a UV lamp 25 W. Max. flow rate of 2 m³/h.

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    FILTER SLEEVE NW 25 + SL 240
    Article-Nr.: FWVC025NW250

    Replacement sleeves for domestic filters. Supplied in packs of 5 units. Fineness available from 1 to 300 µm. (the item number corresponds to the fineness 25 µm).

  • 5
    Article-Nr.: FWVACT001

    Coconut extract. Barrel of 3.4 litres: 6 cartridges refills for NW 25 CTN and 2 for NW 32TE; it takes 1.4 barrels to refill the NW 500TE.

  • 6
    UV-LAMP 25W
    Article-Nr.: FWUVLAMP2100

    Must be changed once a year. It must stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be protected from humidity and fingerprints. It only lights up when it is fixed on the sterilizer head. Suitable for UV 2100, DUO-UV and TRIO-UV 25 W sterilizers.


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