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CINTROPUR water filters are designed for the filtration of tap water in domestic and industrial applications and for the treatment of rainwater, well water and spring water. They are also suitable for agricultural and irrigation systems.

AIRWATEC manufactures its CINTROPUR filters in Belgium and has nearly 50 years of experience in the area of water and air filtration.

Thanks to its technical and mechanical properties, the CINTROPUR water filter is different from the competition and existing technologies thanks to a double filtration due to the centrifugal vane and the filtering sleeve.

Our range of water filters is preferably used on lightly loaded liquids. Our filters, made entirely of high quality synthetic material, retain all solid impurities suspended in the water, while maintaining a maximum flow. Our most compact filter SL 160 has a flow rate of up to 3 m³/h, while the largest filter NW 800 has a peak flow rate of up to 32 m³/h.

CINTROPUR mechanically filters the particles with a sieve (sleeve, sock) and treats the water with coconut-based activated carbon and/or sterilises it with UVc ultraviolet rays.

The particles are filtered by means of a sieve known as a mesh, sleeve or sock, with fineness levels ranging from 1 to 300 µm.

The CINTROPUR TE and CTN models treat water with activated carbon or polyphosphates.

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