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Sleeves, activated carbon or UV rays: We have got the solution!

The primary purpose of the CINTROPUR filters and sterilizers is the protection of sanitary pipes at home, in hotels, restaurants, schools, apartment buildings, industrial and agricultural premises. They are suitable for food use and drinking water.

The vane of the CINTROPUR water filter transforms the water flow into a centrifugal effect by precipitating the heavy particles at the bottom of the bowl, while the filtering screen (sleeve, sock) makes the final filtration according to the chosen fineness.

Filter sleeves are available in 8 fineness levels:

  • from 1 µm up to 100 µm (disposable)
  • from 150 µm up to 300 µm (washable)

Its large pore volume and wide exchange surface make this activated carbon an excellent choice for taste improvement, odour removal, reduction of chlorine, ozone and micro-pollutants such as pesticides and other dissolved organic substances.

The UVc water sterilization guarantees the bacteriological quality of the water. Its use will be particularly well adapted for the integral treatment of rainwater. The UV radiation at 253.7 nm is part of the sun’s radiation that is artificially reproduced. These UVCs produced in this way have a much higher radiation intensity than the sunlight and are therefore used for water sterilization. This first choice technology for disinfection is recognized for the removal of legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, in an eco-friendly way. It is the ideal method to remove micro-organisms from the water, making it bacteriologically safe to drink. This water will only be certified as drinkable if the chemical parameters are also checked and satisfactory.

All spare parts are always available.

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