50 years of reliability for Cintropur

In a constantly evolving world where technology is advancing at breakneck speed, it is sometimes reassuring to see that some things remain unchanged. The Cintropur filters, developed 10, 20, 30, or even 50 years ago for the very first models, are a striking example of this.

In a world of constant evolution where technology progresses at a dizzying pace, it is sometimes comforting to see that some things remain unchanged. Cintropur filters, developed 10, 20, 30, or even 50 years ago for the very first models, are a poignant example of this.

Despite the advancement of lightweight materials and engineering innovations, our filters retain their longevity and reliability, thus advocating for robustness in an ever-changing landscape.

We, as Belgian manufacturer, take pride in maintaining the tradition of these plastic filters that have proven themselves over the decades. Unlike the general trend of reducing the amount of material used in production, we have not succumbed to this pressure. Our filters remain true to their original design, with an unchanged plastic surface and openings that have stood the test of time.

Why no electronics?

Some might wonder why we haven’t automated our filters with control valves or self-regulators to cope with pressure fluctuations. The answer is simple: because our filters simply don’t need it. Their robust design and quality ensure a consistent lifespan, eliminating the need for costly and complex technologies to maintain their performance.

Indeed, our filters still have the same lifespan, low maintenance costs, and the same robustness as they did when first created. This consistency in quality is a testament to the trust our customers have in knowing they can rely on our products year after year, almost 50 years now!

Keeping an eye open and sleeping soundly

However, this doesn’t mean that users can sleep soundly without worrying about maintenance. Since the beginning, we have included essential information in our user manuals regarding the replacement schedules for screens, activated carbon, and UV lamps. This recommendation aims to ensure optimal water treatment, taking into account the natural wear and tear of these consumables over time.

Predictive maintenance and monitoring remain essential practices to ensure the proper functioning of our filters and any water filtration system. While our products are robust, they are not immune to normal wear and tear. Therefore, it is imperative that users continue to regularly monitor their filters and follow our recommendations for replacing the necessary components, which have been in stock since their inception.

Conclusion of 50 years of existence

Our advocacy for the robustness of Cintropur filters and sterilizers, as well as Cintroclear water purifiers, predictive maintenance, and monitoring, serves as a reminder that the reliability of quality products endures over time. Our filters, unchanged for decades, continue to deliver consistent performance, and while users can have confidence in their longevity, it is essential to remain vigilant about maintenance to ensure optimal water treatment.

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