The filtration composed of stainless steel sieve offers a highly efficient filtration solution for a variety of industrial and domestic applications.

These stainless steel sleeves ( sieves ) stand out due to their ingenious design, offering numerous remarkable advantages compared to traditional sleeves. Whether you choose simple stainless steel sieves or those with a silver layer, you can expect superior filtration performance and a long lifespan.

Key Advantages

  1. One of the most notable advantages of stainless steel sleeves lies in their exceptional stability. Thanks to a specific S-shaped weaving technique, these sieves present a solid structure that ensures consistent and reliable filtration. This unique design also allows for a considerably larger filtration surface, ranging from 530 to 1288 cm², depending on specifications.
  2. A key characteristic of these sleeves is their resistance to saturation. Compared to traditional sieves, they have an increased capacity to retain particles without quickly becoming saturated. This enhanced efficiency contributes to extending intervals between cleanings and ensuring continuous and effective filtration over a longer period.
  3. Furthermore, the cleaning process of these stainless steel sleeves is simplified and easier to carry out. Their design allows for easier access to retained particles, thus simplifying the maintenance process. These sieves are specially designed for frequent and repeated cleaning, which is essential to maintain optimal filtration performance.
  4. An additional advantage is the option to choose a bacteriostatic treatment with silver for the sieve. This option adds a layer of silver to the stainless steel sieve, which helps inhibit bacterial growth and maintain the microbiological cleanliness of the filtered water. This can be particularly beneficial in applications where hygiene is paramount.

How to Use This Stainless Steel Sleeve?

The assembly of these sleeves onto the cylindrical support, accompanied by the propeller and the lid, is done with an adhesive approved for food applications. This method ensures a perfect seal between raw water and filtered water, thereby eliminating the risks of cross-contamination.

It’s also worth noting that these sieves can be delivered in two different ways. You can choose to receive the components (cylindrical support, propeller, and lid) separately for a customized assembly, or opt for the delivery of the sleeve already assembled on the complete filter, ready to be integrated into your existing filtration system.

What to Remember About This New Cintropur Filter?

In summary, the filtration composed of stainless steel sleeves, with or without a silver layer, offers an advanced filtration solution that combines exceptional stability, a large filtration surface, reduced saturation, easy cleaning, and the possibility of bacteriostatic treatment. Whether for industrial, agricultural, or domestic applications, these sieves provide reliable and durable performance to meet your most demanding filtration needs.

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