Drink water with a better taste


Drinking water is one of the most controlled foodstuffs and is subject to very tough health criteria. The CINTROCLEAR range of purifiers will be the best solution to remove a temporary bad taste or odour from your drinking water.

In order to make the water drinkable, chlorine is added in the final stage of water treatment before it is distributed to the public network.
These problems prevent some people from taking full advantage of the drinking water at home, which usually leads them to drink other kinds of water.
Re-appropriate tap water as drinking water. CINTROCLEAR gives you sustainable solutions for easy daily use.
For an immediate result, the use of activated carbon will restore your drinking water to its original neutral and pleasant taste.

Reasons to use the CINTROCLEAR purifier

  • Minerals are retained in the water
  • No storage tank: the water is used directly
  • No discharge to the sewer: no membrane flushing
  • Also effective with hard water (> 25° TH)
  • Economical: up to 30 times cheaper than bottled water
  • Eco-friendly: no PVC water bottle
  • Simple: an inexhaustible source of purified water

Find your CINTROCLEAR purifier

Our products

Water purifiers

CINTROCLEAR offers multiple applications:

  1. The UF400 and UF500 models are ultrafiltration water purifiers, equipped with 4 or 5 filtration levels.
  2. These two models can eliminate accidental or chronic pollution, whether agricultural or industrial, of chemical or pathogenic origin, while preserving all the minerals in the water.
  3. All CINTROCLEAR models are connected to the public water supply and are ideally placed at the kitchen sink.


  • Cintroclear
    Article-Nr.: FWCLEARAC110SF

    Purifier with compressed activated carbon cartridge that removes unpleasant tastes and odours from the water. Various heavy metals and chemical residues can also be removed.

  • Cintroclear
    Article-Nr.: FWCLEARUF400SF

    Purifier equipped with 4 levels of treatment: pre-filtration (5 µm), denitration, activated carbon and ultrafiltration module.

    Article-Nr.: FWCLEARUF500SF

    Purifier equipped with 5 levels of treatment: pre-filtration (5 µm), denitration, activated carbon, ultra-filtration module and UV light generator.

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